The Kernel- Pale Ale (Mosaic and Equinox)

A lovely beer, this pale ale is tropical heavy on the nose and floral heavy on the tongue.

This version of their pale ale (they have released a number using different hops) pours as a hazy, dark gold or amber colour with a small/ medium size, white foamy head. When opened, a wave of tropical flavours, symbolic of the Juicy Banger revolution, streams out. Specific fruits include mango, passionfruit and grapefruit. Accompanying them is slight floral, piney aroma that takes the front stage when tasted. Fresh cut grass joins the floral taste whilst the citrus, tropical side seems to retreat a bit- but not fully. Like many other beers at The Kernel, this is a great example of the flavours and aromas that hopped up craft beer can produce.

This beer can be bought in a 330ml bottle for around £2.50 in most of London. The Kernel is a fantastic new craft brewery emerging along the Bermondsey Beer Mile in London and is open every Saturday for 5 hours selling beer directly from the brewery.


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